235 - Mark Brickey and Billy Baumann "Back In The Day"

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 235
- The amazing cover artwork for the new album Compton from Dr Dre.
- A honest and open discussion on personal empowerment, racism and empathy.
- The pain of losing a good employee. 
- We revisit this week’s theme of bottoming out professionally.
- What happens when your no longer a PYT.

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Billy’s opposition disposition disorder or O.D.D. behavior problem.
- We hear Billy’s inspirational clip that plays for his classes on the first day.
- Being good enough to get job, versus striving to be great. 
- The reoccurring theme that Mark see’s in listeners that haven’t gotten their party started yet.
- We hear an audio clip that Mark has moved from computer to computer and keeps on his desktop for inspiration in the darkest of dark days.
- Then Billy shits all over Mark’s emotions.
- We try to understand why Billy hates sentimental advertising but allows himself to believe in the “magic” of Disney.
- How Billy is Mark’s mental Yoda while broadcasting solo.