233 - Brian Flynn "No Permission Needed"

Brian Flynn was born in Texas but his heart is in San Francisco where he formed his design studio Hybrid Design & toy company Super 7. 

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 233
- Giving yourself permission to do whatever you want with your life and career… It all starts with trying!
- How accidentally starting a professional looking magazine about Bryan’s love of Japanese toys led to accidentally launching a full blown toy company.
- Early jobs and steps along the way that help you get clients for life.
- Getting into the world of licensing for Super 7.
- How Hybrid Design landed the gig of making a life sized X Wing Fighter out of Legos and placing it in Time Square.
- Why it seems everyone is waiting for permission to get started.
- Making the portfolio that represents the jobs you want to be hired for.
- Having clients that you consider friends and enjoying your working relationship.
- The difference between doing work that will make your clients campaign succesful versus just doing what you know will get approved. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Making career goals other than personal wealth but choosing personal fulfillment. 
- You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time or happiness. 
- Bottoming out and realizing that it’s not that scary to reach your bottom.
- Insight into the inspiration that keeps Hybrid Design on focus and where Super 7 could possibly grow.
- Bryan’s opinion on those who don’t pay for proper licensing like Super 7 does for it’s toy lines. 
- Getting your product into the big box stores and hoping to make your item accessible to the 8 year old kid and the 40 year old dad.
- Old guy skateboard talk and how that world of punk rock and commercial art inspired us to follow that same school of thought with our business.