234 - Nicolas Delort "Scratch By Number"

Straight from the hard streets of Paris, France today we meet Nicholas Delort, one of the brightest illustration stars shining today. We learn his story and have him breakdown the science and emotions behind some his most popular works. Keep your eye on this guy, at 30 he’s only just getting started and easily one of the best poster/book illustrators going today! Plus a  member of  The Vacvvm, the illustration equivalent to the Super Friends.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 234
- Getting involved in scratchboard as a medium. 
- Navigating through the French College system at a young age while still trying to find your place in life and using school as a platform to find where your talent and passions lie and how even internationally it doesn’t prepare students for the career it promises to.
- Cultivating your talents from a hobby to a career and the time, determination, and awareness it takes to develop that internally and from your surroundings.
- Forgoing the digital age for an authentic look to your work.
- Putting everything you have into your work at The Vacvvm to feel like you belong in the company of some of the greatest alive today.
- Expanding your work from black and white to color and how that affects your composition and approach to working in black and white contrast versus working in temperatures of colors and hues. Planning where in the image to use your various tricks to keep the viewer’s eye interested. 
- Holding on to what you enjoy in your distinct style of illustration.
- Plotting out your piece versus relying on your gut.
- The difficulty in illustrating music versus established imagery and a discussion on the upcoming continuation of Nicky D's classical music series.
- Choosing how to reinterpret iconic characters by adding your own narrative and fingerprint on pop culture.

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Choosing to illustrate things based off your love for them, your skill at them, or what they add to the piece itself.
- Finding a balance in the environmental details so it doesn’t distract from the subject matter but enriches it.
- Using lighting to add mood and using your self confidence in finding those multiple light sources.
- Bringing pieces to completion that get rejected and what to do with originals. Deciding on whether to start over or try and fix what you have.
- What it feels like to have some of your best work get lost in the shuffle. 
- How creating milestones in your career can bump your social awareness on the web and the confidence you get from knowing that people care about what you do.
- Planning ahead for typography.
- Realizing the things you beat yourself up about could be what your audience actually responds to.
- Getting looked over by France because you don’t do children’s illustrations and why you’d even bother to live there.