232 - Jeremy Wheeler "Bang Media"

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 232
- The blue collar rock and roll spirit of Ann Arbor and how where you live shapes who you are. 
- The multitude of paths you can walk in life and how each will define your past, present, and future. Taking all of your passions and focusing on what gives you the greatest return financially and personally to find the balance you need while you're on the treadmill. 
- How much receiving praise and credit can affect whether you decide to continue down your current career path. 
- Finding where you draw the line between what you want to make versus what the customer wants to purchase and deciding if you wait for the difference to decrease. 
- Being prepared for the business world that as an artist you will have to deal with and how the educational system has left a lot of students without the skill of applying their talents to make a living. 
- Learning how to pace yourself to be ready for the big opportunities instead of blindly throwing yourself at a wall and burning out when you don't get what you need from it. 
- Finding a balance between who you are, what you want to do, and how you actually get there. Goals help guide you but the means to get there have to sustain you while you get there. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- How to determine if you're bottoming out and learning to ask for help when our DIY culture breeds such a fierce independent mentality. 
- Learning to prioritize your passion with the profits that came from a one to one deal and changing that into a one to many deal for yourself. 
- Managing your workflow to effectively function and how new habits can create a more focused work day. 
- Balancing your family life with your professional life and planning for the eventual rainy day and relying on the talents that will financially prepare you for that. 
- Turning your iPhone into a black light to check for things you probably wish you didn't know about.