229 - Chris Norris AKA Steak Mountain "Life Is Terrible"

Christ Norris would rather we not talk about his art.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 229
- Being a hobbyist versus being a professional>
- Life is terrible, people are horrible.
- Negative moms and shutting up that voice in your head.
- Life is something that happens between watching movies.
- Enjoying hate more than love.
- Adult entertainment as a art form and not the punchline of a joke.
- Against Me! transitioning with Laura Jane Grace through Chris’s hobby.

The Circle of Trust (paid member content)
- Mark uses the power of PMA to find out what Chris loves and what his creative motivations are. He may be done with design but he’s not finished with creativity, we explore where he wants’ to take his life next… only if it’s easy though.