228 - Travis Millard "Everything Is A Facade"

Illustrator and professional pancake competitor Travis Millard joins us all to tell us what he does with his life on the days he doesn’t feel like doing his job.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 228
- Working large scale when Vans hires you to paint the bowls for Pro Bowl at the national surf competitions in Huntington Beach.
- Attempting to buy back your artwork from someone who purchased one of your pieces from a gallery.
- Travis shares with us his experiences with being a regular contributor to Juxtapoz magazine.
- Creative Stunts to make good use of the days when you’re not inspired to do your regular work.
- Travis explains the madness behind his pancake wars and his hit YouTube series Drawing Stories

The Circle of Trust (paid member content)
- How Travis decides to pick passion projects and what motivates him to create this space in his career.
- Working with high end art galleries and selling your work to famous folks.
- The day that Paul Thomas Anderson shows up at your house asking if you have any good ideas to apply to his latest film project