227 - Larry Balma “Tracker - Forty Years of Skateboard History”

In 1974 Larry Balma and his business partners would create the first ever modern sized skateboard truck, the world famous Tracker truck. Four decades later he’s celebrating a lifetime of professional and personal achievement with his book “Tracker - Forty Years of Skateboard History”.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 227
- Larry Balma shares with us how he and his friends made their first skateboards.
- How working for the phone company and as a commercial fisherman taught Larry valuable lessons for his unknown future as a skateboarding business owner. 
- The invention of the modern skateboard truck and how they convinced the industry to get behind the product.
- Keeping a company going through the hard times of your chosen industry.
- 40 years of advertising, creating a visual language for your brand.
- Publishing and working on a book for over 3 years.

The Circle of Trust (paid member content)
- Larry shares with us how in 1974 he and his partners scrapped up the capital to get into manufacturing.
- The decision to make Tracker’s focus mainly on skateboard trucks.
- How the industry breaking into smaller parts hurt the cost of goods.
- Self publishing and using Kickstarter as a promotional tool.