226 - Clark Orr “Son of Sign Painter”

Clark Orr is a fantastic commercial artist with a focus on branding. He’s designed thousands of T-shirts for the biggest names in streetwear. Today we talk to him about his decision to “graduate” from working for the man to becoming the man.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 226
- The blessings and curse of being born the son of a sign painter.
- We examine the working class style of commercial artist Clark Orr.
- Working for design famous brands but being anonymous in design.
- Getting your “masters degree” by working behind big names in the industry.
- Tiered income, making income at different levels for constant cash flow.

The Circle of Trust (paid member content)
- Clark gives us insight on what to look for when taking on apparel design work and when deciding to become an in-house designer for a hip brand.
- Mark & Clark share tips on seting your minimum per project rate, to weed out the bullshit and to know what you’re worth.
- Clark shares with us tips on making smooth type and filling in all the holes on branding design.
- Mark talks about making type that talks.