223 - Daniel Danger

For his second feature episode Mark interviews Daniel Danger and gets him to share everything and anything about what has made him one of today’s most celebrated illustrators in printmaking. 

Talking Points You'll Hear on Episode 223.

We learn how Daniel Danger found influence from the landscape and history of New England to create his well known signature illustration style. From haunted stories, childhood kidnapping memories, to finding peace in the quiet of his hometown, Daniel breaks down many of his prints letting us all know the symbolism and stories that he designs into his work. For anyone who’s a fan or admirer of Daniel’s work this is an amazing look behind the curtain of one of today’s brightest stars in printmaking.

Daniel also shares his first steps as getting into becoming a commercial artist and finding a college worth of information every time he attended a Flatstock poster show.  

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)

Daniel gives us his opinion on how today’s movie posters are really just gig posters for movies and how they were originally created to break the mold of the floating heads posters of the generation before, but ironically many people have started to go back to what the scene was originally fighting to be different from.

We learn how his recent Crimson Peak poster was the best professional experience that he’s ever had when working with a studio and director.

In what will be one of the biggest values EVER for members, Daniel breaks down, step by step, how he creates his prints from illustration to final photoshop file. For you process hounds this is a dream come true!