222 - Kyle Crawford “Outspoken But Not Broken”

Kyle Crawford lives three lives as a apparel designer, creator of his own brand Electric Zombie and as a family man. Learn his emotional balance to doing all of these the best as he can while trying to feel appreciated at the same time.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 222
- Managing your work schedule and deciding to take time off or not.
- Kyle’s opinion of keeping the work flowing versus Mark’s opinion of always demanding more compensation.
- A honest look into the work/emotional balance between Kyle’s personal brand Electric Zombie and his client work as an apparel designer in the music industry.
- Dealing with the frustration of not being respected or appreciated inspired Kyle to not return to work one day and instead create his own brand.
- Kyle has a industry reputation of being honest and known for calling out bullshit. Mark encourages Kyle to tell him the things about Adventures In Design that he disagrees with.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- We get Kyle to break down his efficient work flow in the apparel industry. Creating 4-12 band new designs per day. We get his step by step process and understand how he’s able to take creative short cuts that make hime competitive in this market.
- The repercussions of being outspoken and honest publicly.