221 - Mike Jones “The Supper Gospel Hour”

Co-founder of Creative South design conference and owner of Serve Studios Mike Jones hangs out to talk about running his business, being a devoted christian and southern BBQ.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 221
- How A Trip to WMC Fest changed Mike’s creative and professional life.
- We learn about Mike’s design conference Creative South
- The stereotypes of the south and  speaking with a southern accent.
- We break down the workflow of Mike’s agency Serve Studios that he stepped out on his own to form with friends two years ago.
- Mark asks Mike about his religious faith and asks if he ever worries about excluding others professionally by being so outspoken in his beliefs. 
- The benefits of being honest and open and the emotional rewards that come from living your life that way.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Mike’s role at his agency and what he passes on to his team members.
- Serve Studios has very in depth contact form on their website for perspective new clients, we ask Mike about this strategy and it’s efficiency.
- Heavy is the head that wears the crown and learning the art of delegation.
- Cutting your boss a little slack and understanding that higher you go, the more pieces of the puzzle you have your hands on.   
- A recent health scare and new outlook on personal fitness. 
- What makes a great BBQ restaurant.