224 - Richey Beckett “Live By Your Rules, Design By Your Rules”

Circle of Trust member Richey Beckett gives us a look into taking a month to illustrate his masterful pen and ink illustrations. Done the old timey way, dip by dip, line by line.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 224
- We explore why Richey Beckett was attracted to making pen and ink his weapon of choice.
- Creating and existing within your own set design rules.
- The benefit of staying stubborn,focused and disciplined with your own work. 
- Can someone as good at there take as Richey Beckett make it to another set of fees in the music industry than what most of us see?

The Circle of Trust (paid member content)
- Richey’s way of working with small budgets but creating big financial returns.
- Getting past zero and making it lone enough to catch up with your residual earnings. 
- The key to making his artwork and models look legit old timey.
- How Richey ignores perspective but makes res there’s always a wind blowing through his work. 
- Working by hand and learning to react to your mistakes.
- A great story about the time Richey worked with “Mike and the Mechanics."