205 - Sean Mort

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 205
- Mark & Sean talk about the last season of Game of Thrones (SPOILERS) Hannibal and update us all on The Summer Movie Game.
- We examine the pattern of success Sean has seen over the last two years by closely following a plan that he and Mark designed for his career. Mark on the other hand debates the best play for his summer schedule and how that will effect his fall.
-  James Flames, Billy Baumann and Dan Kuhlken’s careers are reviewed by Mark & Sean as they ponder the perfect schedule and creating a life balance. Each of these guys are hugely successful and they do the math on their career paths as well as their own.
- Sean pushes Mark on the schedule of the show, his commitment to it’s schedule and ponders if Mark over services the audience. Sean also questions the future of the show if Mark isn’t actively pursing design.
- Having spent the last 10 years of his life balancing too much, decides he has two dream projects in his life and that he just wants to enjoy them and leave behind his overwhelmed days. 

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Before recording Mark took questions from folks over on Periscope. 
- How to get your name out in the world of design.
- Mark & Sean share their experiences with college.
- Mark gives printing and live printing tips.
- Knowing how to pick the proper jobs to create the career you want to have.
- The guys review their Apple Watches.