204 - Antonio Garcia “A Wonderful World of Random Stuff”

Antonio Garcia is doing the day job thing right by making sure everything else he does professionally is very different. Antonio loves to act as a consultant to fellow creatives tying to get big ideas off the ground.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 204
- Antonio’s simple two step rule to tell if your job is right for you.
- Letting go of your ego and being able to help others find their time in the spotlight. 
- How chasing a passion can yield a profits but a chasing a profit rarely yields a passion.
- Having a future that is fueled by past goodwill.
- Antonio lets us in on his speech for WMC Fest this August and how he’s created a simple list of 15 lessons that anyone can apply right away to their career.
- Teaching others to professionally respect you by laying down ground rules and showing you respect yourself.
- How giving so much to others in only making Mr Garcia a better student of life. 

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Antonio and Mark break down common friend trends and showcase the traits that make people successful as well as the traits that seem to hold people back from trying.
- Things that fathers do for their sons.
- Allowing yourself to dream big, but also making dreams that are realistic to your path