206 - Chad Tafolla “A Helping Hand Tattoo”

Chad Tafolla shares with us the details in his role as a Creative Director in the digital advertising world.

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 206
- The shift in digital advertising importance, what use to be dessert had now become advertisings main dish.
- A debate over what’s worst, too little time on a project or too little budget.
- Creating a team of creatives around you, so that you’re always prepared to take on any project.
- How Twitter has helped Chad land 3 of his biggest career moves.
- Focusing on doing the best work and how that’s a agencies best strategy of getting top jobs.
- Working directly with big clients versus doing it through middle man agency.

The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Having a hand tattoo in the boardroom.
- Chad shares with us a app that he and friend have been building and hope to release soon.
- Using his free time to work on different things than what he does at his day job.
- Carving out time, to make time for your dreams.
- Chad starts a new job on Monday. We ask him his goals and what he’s looking forward to the most on this fresh start.