What to Listen to This Week


While the AID Network takes a week off for summer vacation, here are selections from the archives, handpicked by COT members as some of their favorite moments.

628 - Redneck Wisdom With Jeral Tidwell

@donebysaturday says:
"I love returning to any Jeral Tidwell episode. It’s always a great kick in the butt"

Workshop Week

Michael Houghton says:
"For sheer nuggets-per-minute, I recommend reviewing the awesome Workshop Week of AID 599 to 603"

537 - Benny Gold

Neil Vilppu says:
"I recently did a binge getting pumped for crop Portland and went through all the Benny gold episodes. Those are all solid listens"


Rob Anderson says:
"I personally love episode 276 with the hood sisters!"

Bob Smith

Michael Houghton says:
"I definitely enjoy going back and listening to the repeat appearances of folks, so I can really see the progress and ongoing story."

Enon Avital2 Comments