276 - Amy & Jennifer Hood “Hoodzpah Design Co."

The Hood Sisters, Any & Jennifer Hood, are a twin sister graphic design team located in Orange County, California.  

Our very first set of twins joins the show today, Amy & Jennifer Hood of hoodzpahdesign.com. Mark bonds with the gals of graphic design about growing up in Kentucky.How Working In A Garage for a dude Helped them launch career and not becoming hostages.Getting good work and not worrying about the money until it’s time to worry about the money. Pricing branding and trying to get clients to understand they’re paying for what they don’t see. Why the Hood Sisters chose branding as their main creative focus. Making yourself and your image part of your brand. Getting into the passive income game and the slippery slope of design freedom.

In The Circle of Trust
- Working for what you need to survive and not getting in financial traps.
- Mistakes students make when transitioning to the work force.
- Balance of ideas with their own brand and what they give away to clients.
- Twin Talk. Growing up with a avatar and a built in best friend / support system.
- What inspired the Hood Sisters to become a power business duo.