275 - Becky Cloonan from MondoCon 2

The act of doing versus the act of wanting. Being the first woman to ever illustrate a Batman cover. We learn a story set during the Roman Empire is the story that Becky would love to tell us all if given the chance. Becky shares steps in her writing, character development and illustration process. We quiz Becky about the “Greatest Scam in Sexuality” where scumbag art guys land the most attractive women and talk about her dating life aka drunk swiping on Tender. 

In The Circle of Trust Listener Stephen Jones

Circle of Trust member Stephen Jones called in on Friday’s show about having a big client that is starting to become too much of his annual income and Stephen is starting to feel more like he has a boss and job versus a client and his freelance practice. Stephen joins Mark today in the Circle of Trust to give more insight into his situation and Mark tries to give him more advice based on being in the same situation 6 years ago. A great case study that we can all learn from in today’s Circle of Trust content.