The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 346 - Benny Gold

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 10/20
AID 346

Benny Gold is a San Francisco based graphic designer with a successful streetwear brand influenced by his love of design and skateboarding. Benny, a very positive and successful guy, shares his past, present and future sate of mind with host Mark Brickey.

Talking Points

  • Mark shares the 3 major moments in his late teenage years that would program him to be a serial entrepreneur. 
  • Cut and Sew! We’re not just making T-shirts anymore. 
  • The lifelong influence of skateboarding. How a passionate sport creates character. 
  • Works For Jerks. Being a workaholic but not caring because your labor of love never feels like work. 
  • The evolution of a lifestyle brand becoming a micro advertising agency or creative firm for hire.
  • Accessories. Profitable or creating the lifestyle of the brand?
  • Finding the perfect partners in business to collaborate with. 
  • eing your brand makes it easy to figure out what projects feel right. Go With Your Gut!
  • Winning a design contest but ending up a loser.
  • Feeling like you already won at life. Helping others find the professional happiness that you have found. 
  • Leading and living by example.
  • Finding your path in life, creating culture through the underground. 
  • Two of the biggest lessons learned from skateboard. Not being afraid to fall and self visualization.  
  • Making your own rules, being who you want to be not who you were told to be.