Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 25-30


Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 25-30

Chapter 25: 

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade & Us

Lessons learned from this week's self-inflicted deaths.


Chapter 26:

It's Starting To Work For Me

Reflecting back on my week and

starting to feel good about letting go of the metrics.


Chapter 27:

Make Good Work And The Rest Will Happen

How exactly does "The Rest" happen? 

Exploring the half-truth of this often repeated inspirational quote.


Chapter 28: 

What Would You Give To Have It All

Shift your focus to what you wont give up

to know what means the most to you.


Chapter 29: 

How Can I Not Take It Personal

It's business it's not personal, 

until the business becomes your identity.


Chapter 30:

The One Thing You Can Control

Stop hitting the panic button and

Start hitting pause.