Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 20-24


Wake Up Call - Volume: 01 - Chapters: 20-24

Chapter 20:

The Wake Up Happy Challenge

For the month of June, 

I'm challenging myself and you to do

three simple things each morning.


Chapter 21:

My Greatest Secret For Productivity

How to power through

when you feel exhausted and uninspired

to be productive and creative.


Chapter 22: 

If It Was Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It

The simple truth is there are no secrets to success.


Chapter 23:

Don't Let The Finish Line, 

Keep You From Starting

Allow yourself to start, 

Make projects not excuses. 


Chapter 24:

The Power Of A Compliment

A compliment is something

you don't even know you need

until someone gives you one.