784 - VidCon Was It Worth It? Comment Below Special With Carrlyn Bathe


Over the weekend AID host, Mark Brickey attended VidCon 2018 with good friend and fellow professional content creator Carrlyn Bathe. VidCon is a digital video conference that focuses mostly on YouTube's creators as well as other new media video formats. Our hosts break down the pass level they purchased and the ROI for dollars and time spent. 

Three favorite classes attended and information explained:
A guide to Twitch by Twitch staff and popular creators.
Rian Bosak of Super Bam "How YouTube Actually Works"
Matt Gielen of  Little Monster "YouTube Thumbnail Optimization"

Last but certainly not least a fully comprehensive review of the Casey Niestat fireside chat. SPOILER ALERT! It was very inspirational. 

In Part Two For Circle of Trust Members

Mark & Carl breakdown exactly who VidCon is perfect for and who should probably consider putting it off for another year. Tips on how to make the most of the event and major lessons learned. 

And how the event inspired them both to be not only better creators but how to follow best practices for achieving the creation goals.