Dansgiving Capítulo Cinco

Original Air Date July 10, 2017

Original Air Date July 10, 2017

Dansgiving A Week Long Celebration Of The Friendship And Commitment That Dan Kuhlken Has Shown Adventures In Design, The Circle of Trust And Host Mark Brickey



We dropping another sick ass dope ass mixtape to chase away dem Monday morning blues. Shop Talk All Stars grabs you by your lil Dad D!CK and gets you dancing in your jorts faster than John Wayne can spell F B I. Sit back and crack. When it’s too hot to care and too hot to make cash money, It's time to call in the All Stars!

Talking Points

  • A new location for Renegade Los Angeles and the booth strategies that work. 
  • Framed print experiments, profit margins, and the choose your own adventure customer. 
  • A rough day where Derrick gets detained by the FBI for his dark secret. 
  • John Wayne, Smoke Alarms, and a rock and roll way to enter LA. 
  • Various travel hiccups. 
  • Booth goals, moving the party, and snicket sliding out early. 
  • Going vertical to increase sales. 
  • Denim pillows, DKNG as a comic book store, and consumer knowledge of officially licensed enamel pins. 
  • Grab And Go Products and too many sales at too low of a price point. 
  • A look into three very different business models. 
  • Overcoming down days.