684 - Kidrobot panel interview with Frank Kozik, JRYU, Jon-PaulKaiser and Doktor A.


Frank Kozik sits down to give an interview and status update on behalf of Kidrobot where he resides as the primary creative director. Kozik is joined by fellow designers and Kidrobot collaborators JRYU, Jon-PaulKaiser and a surprise appearance and announcement from Doktor A (Whoops, Spoiler.) Recorded live at DCON 2017 and produced by Crewest. 

Today in the episode opening Mark Brickey explains how The Big 4 of the record industry could have better embraced their future and fate instead of fighting against it. A look back and lesson on how none of us can stop the wheels technology that will spin with or without us, and if you don't get out of the way, how they will inevitably run you over.