Dansgiving Capítulo Cuatro - 326 - THE DKNG SHOW: CHAPTER 1

Original Air Date February 1, 2016

Original Air Date February 1, 2016

Dansgiving A Week Long Celebration Of The Friendship And Commitment That Dan Kuhlken Has Shown Adventures In Design, The Circle of Trust And Host Mark Brickey

Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman are graphic designers and illustrators working together under the name DKNG Studios. This is their true story of working hard and working smart to reach the top of the design industry. The DKNG Show acts as an uncensored look into what you don’t see on social media, the reality in how hard you actually have to work to make it to the top of your field. 

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 1 - The Work

We review EVERYTHING that DKNG sent a invoice out the door for in the month of December 2015 and January 2016. We learn how they landed the job, the balance of responsibilities, client involvement and even the budget size on every project. Circle of Trust members log in to see all of the work mentioned and never before seen working files and sketches. This is the complete look at their output for the past two months. 

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 2 - Retelling The Holidays

DKNG give us a report on their holiday events, holiday sale strategies and inventory purchases. We discuss where the profit comes out of the retail cycle and learn about managing a product line.

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 3 - Back To The Future

Back in December DKNG made goals for their new year of business strategies. We revisit their goals and examine what happened and what didn’t thus far, how can DKNG get back on to the path that they want to be on?

The DKNG Show Part 1 - ACT 4 - Predicting The Future

Mark Brickey pushes each of the guys to make a goal for the second episode of The DKNG Show and has each of them write down a number predicting their 2016 sales figures for SXSW. Tune in Tuesday, April 5th to hear the results and to learn what else the boys have crank out in the next 64 days.