664 - The VACVVM - Week Chapter: V - The VACVVM

Randy Ortiz

Mike Sutfin

Act I

Randy Ortiz shares with us all where he see's room for improvement in his work.

Mike Sutfin share's his love of Star Wars and how he has learned to loosen up with his own self-appointed Instagram rules. 

Mitch Putnam provides insight into Randy's unique online business model that many artists should learn to adopt as their own.  

João Ruas

Tegan White

Act II

What would Teagan White do if she had the financial buffer that would allow her to float for awhile creatively? 

A reoccurring theme in this episode gets brought up and debated by João Ruas and Mitch Putnam over what the real value of art galleries are now that the artists have more distribution than the galleries do. 

Aaron Horkey


Aaron Horkey shares with us all how he finds more joy in the success of his friends than he does with his own. We also learn about a couple of new tricks that he's being enjoying with his work. 

Brandon Holt

Featuring Frans Boukas

Act IV

Featuring artist Frans Boukas talks about having the courage to show his portfolio to his heroes at conventions and shares with us what it's like being on the bench of The VACVVM just waiting to get called up to the majors. 

Brandon Holt keeps it fucking real. 

Portrait By Randy Ortiz

*Acts I-III
With Cohost Mitch Putnam