665 - Jess Schnabel of Bloodmilk - Creep Week 2017 - Chapter I


Bloodmilk was born of inspiration and desperation, imagine finishing school and entering the workforce right at the start of the most significant modern financial breakdown in US history. Now also picture at the same time losing an estranged parent that due to mental illness has been removed from your life but somehow shows up just to say goodbye. What would you do in this situation? Would you crack and crumble or would you find a creative voice that you never knew that you had? Would you take the unusual source of inspiration that your troubled father had given you and learn how to create something new in his honor? 

On a brisk autumn night, at the stroke of midnight, we find this conversation among the treasures of the dead, now celebrated and collected by the living. Jess Schnabel the creator, curator, and craftsman of Bloodmilk invites us into her home, her collection, and her passion for the maiden voyage of Creep Week 2017. Jess shares with us her organic accident of creating her unique company, how she's managed to stay personal but anonymous at the same time and how creating products with a narrative gives everyone an excellent story to tell. 

Circle of Creeps Bonus - The Coffin


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