Circle Of Trust Bonus Content No. 18 - Sean Mort Pt. 3

Sean and Mark are back for the epic conclusion to this three part punch to the gut on finances and self worth. Determining your own worth is a struggle many artists face and the only redneck in the room, Mark Brickey, shows you how simple the math can be on finding that number. Once your baseline is established then you are ready to head out into the world and take the next step of getting that money in your bank account and crossing over a few lines to get into the fast lane of financial freedom. Warning: You will need a calculator to apply these chicken nuggets to your life!

Talking Points

  • How to determine your hourly rate based off your monthly expenses.
  • Gaining leverage for your career through licensing.
  • How to use extra time to invest in yourself.
  • The art of negotiation.
  • Figuring out your client's financial threshold.
  • Asking for what you want, not what you can get.
  • Doing the math on your dreams.
  • Flutey and the show designed specifically for the entrepreneur.
  • Sean's Snake Oil Makeover and the formula for making ratings gold.