Circle Of Trust Bonus Content No. 18 - Sean Mort Pt. 2

Sean Mort returns to the microphone with some serious questions. The art gallery Sean has been dealing with upped the ante again by asking for three exclusive pieces to sell and license. Mark and Sean look at Sean's successes and how to work backwards and develop a fair price for the Gallery. The age old question of what you are worth gets tackled from two perspectives as this International Bromance gets real honest about pricing creative work.

Talking Points

  • Canada Week is officially announced.
  • Seeing the eventual demise of your income stream and building an escape pod.
  • Keeping yourself at the front of the line.
  • Learning how to price your time and talents.
  • What is a job worth to you vs. what its actually worth.
  • Creating parameters to create an entire world.
  • Considering all the factors of a job.
  • How licensing can affect pricing.
  • Working backwards to figure out when the profit kicks in.
  • Can you predict how much value a client will squeeze out of your piece?
  • Working with someone who typically deals with very high price points.
  • How much money do you make over the long term?
  • Forensic accounting concepts.
  • Do you factor potential failure into your designs?