Circle Of Trust Bonus Content No. 17 - Sean Mort

How could we even dream of letting a week go by without hearing from the People's Champ, Sean Mort? Mark and Sean rip right into the entire seventh season of Game Of Thrones and get into the special effects, stages, and pivotal scenes in the storyline. Westeros and all the action therein has given HBO another incredible series and we can learn from their confidence as they lift up the curtain and show us how they craft such an engaging ten episodes. Mark breaks down the Battle Of The Bastards and how to work your concepts backwards to fit within a budget's constraints. The bonus content wraps up with some nods to the once a year Star Wars franchise and the balance it will strike with the twice a year Marvel franchise. 

Talking Points

  • Limited Edition COT Stickers at Weapons Of Mass Creation.
  • Canada Week is coming to AID.
  • Walking through filming locations in your neighborhood.
  • Game Of Thrones Season 7 talk (spoilers abound) (but honestly if you haven't already finished this season by now you're not much of a fan and shouldn't be crying about spoilers anyways).
  • Interior and exterior special effects and The Sept of Baylor's magic.
  • Dorne and Dan Khulken's backyard.
  • Crafting compelling storytelling over time.
  • The "over their shoulder" shot and how you work backwards on your idea.
  • Silicon Valley as a perfect mirror to freelancing.
  • Marvel and Star Wars make you feel different.
  • Rogue One speculation.
  • Trusting directors and splicing in Bryan Cranston.