184 - “Hold On” Mort & Brickey

Favorite regular Sean Mort stops by to try and cheer up Brickley who is having a bad mood day.

Talking Points of AID 184
- Mark is in a bad mood and complains about his schedule for May.
- Work ethic, always be the best until your the worst.
- Pulling a Don Draper when Dick Whitman is done trying.
- Working construction and other shit jobs.
- Sean & Mark talk about the possibility of the Freedom Tour this fall.
- What amount of money do you expect to make per day at shows.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Sean talks about possibly expanding his printing setup.
- Taking inspiration from other designers, what’s the best practice in making others aware that you want to try a similar concept.
- Mark gives out a business model.
- When others take your advice in the wrong way.