Episode 185 - Two For Tuesday with Buffalo Made Co., Tanner Johnston, Nate Duval, and Dan Stiles

This week on Two For Tuesday Rob Hopkins of Buffalo Made Co. tries to figure out how to get more time to work on his own brand in his freelance hours and Tanner Johnston has 5 months before he loses his current job and debates his next possible steps, in or out of design. 

Case 01 - Rob Hopkins of Buffalo Made Co.
Managing your freelance hours to make more time to create for yourself.
Setting higher freelance rates to better use your design time.
Remembering the art of negation exist even at your day job.

Case 02 - Tanner Johnston
Taking time away from design or fighting for your career. 
Evaluating if this profession is really the right one for you.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Nate Duval
Focus on what comes easy and realize that your day dreams may not be for you.
Not having a backup plan and doing what comes natural to you.

Case 02 Review with Dan Stiles
Don’t make excuses, create a plan of attack and make shit happen.
Production work is valued position in the world of design.