183 - Happy Mother’s Day Barbara Ghrist with Andrew Ghrist, James Flames & Sean Mort

A very special Mother’s Day Episode interviewing the most supportive mother to Adventures In Design Barbara Ghrist, Circle of Trust member and mother of the very talented Andrew Ghrist.

Talking Points of AID 183
- Spotting artistic talent in your child at a very early age.
- The decision and investment in sending your kid to art school.
- It’s OK to admit that you have been given an advantage in life.
- Being inspired and learning from your adult children.
- Finding your own voice when starting out in the art world.
- How youth affords you the luxury being broke.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Fake election day in the UK.
- Sean’s BIG announcement!
- We talk about Sean’s daily art series on social media and how important line weight really is.
- Praising Aaron Sechrist @OKpants and his No Justice No Peace pop culture print done correctly.
- Bad gallery deals and bad attitudes