182 - Shop Talk with DKNG Studios

A bonus Shop Talk on Thursday where we talk with DKNG Studios about negotiating, growing your business and surviving the “Blizzard of Cocks”.

Talking Points of AID 182
- Turning talent into leverage and using it as a power in negotiating.
- Adding employees or staying small.
- Staying in the sweet spot of profitability.
- The blizzard of cocks.
- First steps being the hardest, it’s more stressful to worry about $300 than $30,000.
- Evaluating live vending shows and figuring out are they worth the hassle.
- The work flow of high end freelance work for big agencies.
- Contract scripts. Keeping your clients following your work flow and keeping them responsible for time management and too many revisions. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Mark talks about the May programming of the show.
- How much is enough to show your clients in the first rounds.
- A case study on DKNG growing past the two partners. Using real math to breakdown the actual cost and potential gain of growing your business. The math that sadly many people don’t do before making a big leap toward growth.