181 - Jeral Tidwell “The Devil Is In The Details”

Jeral Tidwell is back for his 5th AID appearance and 3rd solo episode. The first time he taught us all the art of affordable copyright. The second time we all debated skill versus craft and Jeral made us all look at what we were doing differently. Today Jeral talks about letting go of money and saying hello to happiness. This is a episode for anyone that needs a little push to take the jump into changing their life for creative happiness. Find out more about Jeral at HumanTree.com

Talking Points of AID 181
- We learn about a skateboard art show that Jeral created by chance and that has turned into big project with many moving parts.
- Mark talks about being a camp art counselor.
- Illustrating from the heart and forgetting the camera’s view.
- The childhood sparkle that allows you to see the magic in the world.
- Letting your inner 4 year old guide you in life.
- Pretending Mickey Mouse is real for the happiness of the kids around him.
- Character as an asset. 
- Learning to let go and following your passion.
- You don’t have to ANYTHING that you don’t want to do! You volunteer to do everything that you hate.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The Math Behind The Man (How does Jeral Tidwell make a living?)
- Jeral’s decision to NOT let money guide his career, happiness and life.
- Picking Passion projects that grow your business.
- Treating clients like clients not like bosses.