180- Two For Tuesday with Matt Saunders & Corey Thomas

On Two For Tuesday we have two members of the Circle of Trust give us a basic breakdown on their business and ask questions based on their current biggest problem. Host Mark Brickey tries to talk them through to answers for the career problems. In the bonus content we bring in another professional to review their questions and the advice they we’re given. 

Case 01 - Matt Saunders of RabbitPortal.com.
Matt Saunders has been hitting hard for 5 years and wants to know if he should edit up his portfolio, design looks and services. We talk about how these changes could help Matt get to the next level of his career and help him start to see some finical and personal growth. 

Case 02 - Corey Thomas of CoreyThomasDesign.com
Corey Thomas is a full time merchandise designer for Warner Music Group but want’s to get his freelance work and personal design to a better level while keeping up the high volume demands of the music industry. Mark gives him tough love about slowing it down to build from a better foundation.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Derrick Castle
Derrick points out stronger pieces in Matt Saunders body of work that he believes Matt should focus on to reach new levels in his career.

Case 02 Review with Jeral Tidwell
Corey Thomas gets more tough love from Jeral Tidwell who let’s Corey know that he’s closer than he thinks to his  current goals, but also thinks that maybe he should set new career aspirations.