179 - Derrick Castle “Straw Castle”

Mark’s favorite guest Derrick Castle joins us for another episode of the Duke Boys of Design. Wakeup Uncle Jesse and get Daisy to put some slacks on because it’s another hour of redneck radio.

Talking Points of AID 179
- Miss steps with first and early shows and making the best with what you’re given.
- What we would you do if you found a suitcase full of cash.
- Derrick’s wife Jennifer has joined Straw Castle and Mark has hired an assistant. First steps on expanding your team and setting yourself up for a return on investment.
- Fear of failure, feeling sorry for yourself and not allowing yourself to ever accept losing.
- Learning from your parents and realizing your parents we’re just confused kids and didn’t have it all figured out.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The honestly of Adventures In Design guests.
- Some insight and background to the Jim Phillips interview. 
- Derrick’s insight and opinions on last week’s “Two For Tuesday” episode.
- Mark hating when nature bothers his lifestyle.