201 - Luke Drozd “Professional Dicking About”

Luke Drozd is a London based illustrator printmaker who has incredible amount of wit and personality that often finds its way into his beautiful but always clever work.  

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 201
- Having a body of work that matches your personality.
- The subtle but bright color palette of Luke Drozd.
- Exploring his early works and rebellious nature of his early work like the Hey Kids Fuck You alphabet series. 
- Never intending to have a career just following a long line of happy accidents.
- Designing for the medium or product versus downsizing work that you have already created.
- Drew’s amazing Scout Merit Badges that all celebrate a life of crime.
- Making fine art pieces when that’s where the idea best fits. 
- 38B a crazy idea of turning his living room into a gallery and 4 years later it’s still happening. 

In The Ring of Friends (paid content)
- When you realize the labor of a fun side project.
- Getting back to creative and enjoy the stopping point of artwork where as administrative never seems to end. 
- Being blown away by the work flow of other designers and wanting to work with others to learn more about their process.
- Talking about the mental side of retail, what makes a customer purchase what they buy.
- Being shocked when you sell your artwork in a room full of talent.