200 - Alex Pearson “Family Tree"

Alex Pearson is the creator of FamilyTreeDesign.net where he not only showcases not only his clever illustration and printmaking work, but his collaborative efforts with some of today’s best in the business. 

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 200
- The 2 Cs “Always check your calendar and calculator before you commit to anything.”
- Alex shares with his painful 2013 where in trying to create more business he almost went out of business.
- Cleaning out your online store to only show the best items and to give up on items that don’t sell but only confuse shoppers and prospective clients. 
- The common mistake of trying to over calculate success instead of following your true creative path.
- How an open edition print saved Alex’s year and started him on his current career path.
- In 2015 Alex is well on his way to being client-less and we break down this amazing transition step by step.
- The magical spreadsheet that Alex created teaching him that he earns 5X the amount of money when working for himself versus clients. 
- Viewing art as product and treating your talent like commodity that can earn your financial and creative freedom.
- The concept behind the new Family Tree Fairy Tale Series of art prints. 
- A thank you to everyone who supports the show and helped it get to 200 episodes.  

In The Circle Of Trust (paid content)
- Mark bullies Alex into admitting that he’s a good illustrator.
- The balance of doing creative work versus doing administrative work.
- Time management and how a calendar can actually set you free versus making you feel trapped. 
- Facebook ads and how Family Tree has seen great results with highly targeted ads.
- Paying people to do things you hate, so that you can spend more time earning money doing what you love. 
- The results from Family Tree hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist.
- The “McRib Factor” sometimes everything should sellout. 
- Mark thanks Alex for starting him down the path of custom brushes in Photoshop.