199 - Brian Romero “Mr. Connecticut"

Talking Points you’ll hear on Episode 199

- The rise and of Deathwish and the expansive role of an In House Designer.
- Developing artwork when you’re not the only one with a say in the piece and its direction.
- Creating a series of illustrations through a set of self imposed rules and making each piece unique enough to stand on its own be a part of something greater than itself.
- Researching a concept thoroughly to create a parody that has your own voice or breaking away altogether and using the research to create something new.
- Believing in your artwork when marketing it.
- Seeing how your artwork translates in its intended retail environment and how that can also influence you.
- The illusion of East Coast Privilege.
- Developing passive income and managing your workflow in a freelance environment.
- Recognizing the limitations of the market you work in and deciding where else you can apply your talents.

In The Circle Of Trust (paid content)
- The benefits of working on your own time and with your brutally honest spouse.
- The education you gain through upper level education versus the education you gain from employment.
- What’s missing for art students in the educational system and how Adventures In Design fills that gap.
- Never saying “Yes” on the phone and checking your calendar before committing to a project.
- Putting in details for the ones who love it that will eventually see it.
- Things people say about pet dogs that are never said about pet snakes.