198 - Sarah Tidwell “The Inking Dragon”

Sarah Tidwell is a Louisville, Kentucky based painter who often uses her work to celebrate her love of all animals. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 198
- We explore the reason why Sarah uses so many different types of organic materials as her work’s canvas.
- The balance of keeping her prints small to keep them affordable.
- We explore the subject matter and narrative in some of Sarah’s pieces.
- How to emotionally double check your pricing to make sure you’re selling an original work for the proper amount. 
- Mark encourages Sarah to raise her prices of private commissions.
(Her pet portraits are a steal!)
- Owning and caring for exotic animals AND what does it mean when your bird pukes on you.
- Mark gives Sarah a hard time for loving reptiles, mainly snakes.
- We hear about Sarah’s time spent working at a veterinary hospital. 
- The pricing structure behind her “Compendium of Cute” self published Tidwell copyright book!
- Sharing life and art with her husband and fellow artist Jeral Tidwell.
- Mark’s read’s the Rainbow Bridge to everyone.

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Sarah’s involvement with Comic Cons.
- Managing her email list and the benefits of sending out her newsletters.
- Meeting Jeral at a computer gaming party.
- Attending a pagan festival and dating a fire thrower.
- Doing body painting and what it feels like to be in public only wearing body paint.
- Having a mom that’s a former PlayBoy Bunny.