197 - Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Derrick Castle & Sean Mort

Billy didn’t bring his computer home and James Flames is slammed. Time to bring the JV squad composed of global heathens. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 197
- The huge gap between first place and second place in many industries.
- Derrick Castle is burning the candle at both ends and starting to feel the exhaustion at the start of the busy summer season.
- Making big moves in life and the stress that comes along with them and how to turn that fear into motivation as failing is never an option.
- Derrick gives us a update on his wife leaving teaching and joining Straw Castle, officially making it the family business.
- Derrick gives Sean Mort a video tour of his Tennessee taxidermy collection.
- With so much going on in his career Castle is starting to feel like theres always something on his mind, Mark tries to help commit to a plan to get his stress out of his head and into a system.
- The lack of respect for vacation time in America compared to Europe’s love of holiday.

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)
- Sean Mort talks about his mini print give aways, what worked and what didn’t.
- Playing with pop culture prints and how the perception can give customers and peers the wrong impression.
- Derrick and Sean celebrate giveaways while Mark is unhappy with Sean giving away his work.
- The planning of Sean Mort’s USA Bachelor Party.
- Mark opens up new listener gifts.