196 - Sara Dick “Crafty Bastards”

Sara Dick is the creator and festival director of Washington D.C.’s Crafty Bastards. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 196
- Why it’s important to fully explain to your customers and even to craft fairs that your items are made by hand by you.
- How having your artwork hanging in someones bathroom is really the best compliment.
- The importance of charging admission for events and how to use that revenue to strengthen your event.
- The event decision to put everyone under giant festival tents versus having all the vendors in their own tents.
- Mark makes a list of services and perks that makes Crafty Bastards the most artist friendly event that he’s ever sold at.
- Making your event part of the community.
- After 11 years of running Crafty Bastards Sara tells us how the makers, products and customers have changed over the last decade.
- In a personal moment Sara shares with us the roughest part of her last year and possibly her life.
In The Circle of Trust (paid content bottom file)
- Our most detailed description ever in how to apply successfully to be a vendor at events. Sara give us all the most honest and insightful look at what to do to get picked.