195 - Luke Wessman “Tattoos’ Pretty Boy”

Today we’re hanging out with Los Angeles based tattoo artist Luke Wessman. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 195
- Embracing social media, allowing people to identify with you and standing out in your industry as a result. 
- Being self made and earning your place at the table.
- Shaking off the “shame of success” from the punk rock or hardcore scene.
- Making yourself a winner by choosing to not be a victim.
- Mark & Luke talk about the inspiration and meaning behind their PMA tattoos. 
- Keeping a positive mindset to take one step forward a day toward the future that you want.
- Easy come, easy go… What you fight for you hold sacred.
- The influence of reality TV on tattooing and Luke’s role on Miami and New York Ink.
- Keeping it real after being on reality TV.
- The extreme working conditions and output of being a tattoo artist.
- Painful side effects from working in a chair for 20 years. 
- What it means to be a gentleman. 
- How painting and illustrating can effect your tattooing. 

In The Circle of Trust (paid content bottom file)
- Tupac not living to see his lyrics stand corrected. 
- Finding your own answers in life.
- Tips on how to get a good tattoo and how to be a good or bad customer. 
- Earning your way to the finish line and not starting with the most extreme tattoos on your face, hand or neck.
- Living your life with a face tattoo and how Luke decided to tattoo his face. 
- The most important quality in a woman.