176 - Brian Steely “Served With Soul”

Brian Steely has had the same agency job for over 18 years and just recently came into his own with his amazing mono line illustration style. Hear how he’s enjoying his new found freelance fame and adjusting to late nights at the trackpad.

Talking Points of AID 176
- Finding the perfect freelance and family balance.
- Mark and Brian have been working in the industry for the same amount of time. Mark is amazed at what life would have been like behind door number 2 and can’t ask Brian enough questions about the different life path.
- Creating his new mono line style has created a new passion for his career.
- The art of simplified design.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Brian shares his design process step by step and gives us his own personal style guide.
- How to make warm type.
- Finding peace with the day job and treating your freelance career differently.