177 - Sean Leonard “Cotton Candy Machine”

Sean Leonard is the director and co-owner of Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine. On today’s episode he gives a ton of insight into successfully running a art gallery, tips on how artists can expand their product range and insight on what he looks for when finding fine folks to display at Cotton Candy Machine.

Talking Points of AID 177
- The collaboration with artists to create a great show.
- Early steps and stages in turning a studio space into a gallery space.
- Helping artists pick proper price points for gallery shows.
- Celebrating the success of his partner  Tara McPherson’s career.
- The customer care culture of Cotton Candy Machine.
- The difference in one man, 2-4 man or group art shows and who’s ready for what.
- Value of your friends and network.
- Getting the best out of your artists. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Combining boutique retail sales with fine art sales.
- Not focusing directly on money to build a career but your passion and momentum.
- Original art, prints, merchandise making your career and collectors happy.
- Loving your business partner.