175 - Two For Tuesday with Bearface Design & Jetpacks And Rollerskates

On Two For Tuesday we have two members of the Circle of Trust give us a basic breakdown on their business and ask questions based on their current biggest problem. Host Mark Brickey tries to talk them through to answers for the career problems. In the bonus content we bring in another professional to review their questions and the advice they we’re given. 

Case 01 - Jon Johnson of Bearface Design.
Finding more time to make your own products and designs.
Creating a system to manage your inventory.

Case 02 - Blake Stevenson of Jetpacks and Rollerskates
Blake is happy at full time day job but is curious on how to get his passion project more well known.
He’s also curious about how to get better network of designers hanging out in his neck of the woods.

In The Circle of Trust

Case 01 Review with Sean Mort
Finding inspiration to make excuses to make work happen and not to say no.
Getting ahead of the curve and committing to a personal work schedule.

Case 02 Review with Dan Kuhlken of DKNG Studios
Dan questions whether or not a guy who loves his day job is truly ready for the struggle of getting great and well known.