MOT: Cassette 03 of 10 "Live Another Day"

MISSION OF TRUST: Cassette 03 of 10

You've learned how to look at yourself. You've learned how to dream big. Now it is time to analyze where the time is going to come from to make this all happen. We are all given the same one hundred and sixty eight hours a week and it is how you utilize them that makes all the difference. Analyze how you spend your time each day and start to look for where this time to work on your dreams will come from. Is there a regular time you can set aside each week? Are you spending too much time on a task that isn't important to the story of you? Can you improve your efficiency on things that always take up more time than you'd like. Spend this week looking closely at where the hours go and start to think about what can be done to get some of that back for yourself. 

"Nothing is more important than time spent on you."

Talking Points

  • Why should you be writing this all down? (thanks @lowpolyfish)

  • Necessary maintenance and goal based motivation.

  • The problem with time off and building the perfect storm.

  • Examining your schedule and finding the weak points.

  • Create time slots and utilize your calendar.

  • Where can you regularly utilize extra time?

  • What are you doing that is crucial to the story of you?

  • Efficiency, multitasking, and delegation.

  • Being realistic about the time you have.