The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: The DKNG Show Chapter 05

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 11/20
AID 473

The DKNG Show returns for its fifth chapter in pulling back the curtain on the inner workings of running one of the most sought after design duos on the market. Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman have meticulously planned, strategized, and built every component of their design career and every other month we get a chance to peak in and see exactly how they do it from concept to cash in hand. This chapter finds DKNG releasing two pivotal projects that work in different ways to propel their business forward. Bank Of America worked closely with our boys to create a social media campaign based off their illustrations and the Explorer Series unveils its latest set of prints, pins, and patches. Mark, Dan, and Nathan focus on how larger corporate clients and self initiated projects each play an important part on raising your bottom line and building your confidence as a creative. The analysis of the projects and in depth discussion on the strategy, execution, and implementation of each job reveal that DKNG is always thinking ahead to maximize the potential behind their drive and talent.

Talking Points

  • Whatever rhymes with October and how the world revolves on Red Bull.
  • AID's first Spring Break Broadcast goes into the planning stage.
  • Super remote destination weddings.
  • Mark's first lesson from the entertainment industry.
  • Creating fifteen illustrations outside DKNG's signature style.
  • Concepts versus visualization.
  • Developing and simplifying a series.
  • Left handed composition sketches and working towards client ready artwork.
  • Mark Brickey's Politically Perfect People Pantones Pack.
  • Politically correct and socio-economically conscious imagery.
  • Resource imagery, legal pushback, and keeping things recognizable.
  • The importance of a footprint and gauging your impact.
  • The three big wins from Bank of America.
  •  Balancing corporate work with work that got you corporate work.
  • Developing predetermined style guides.
  • To spoke or not to spoke?
  • Sketching out your plans and building the rules.
  • Maintaining a symbiotic relationship between your foreground and background.
  • Crafting together the Explorer Series so perfectly.
  • Spy Hunter moves on the Tour De Prance.
  • New SKU's and quintupling 10K.
  • Making landscapes of making objects?
  • Following trends, maintaining integrity, and evaluating other people's decisions.
  • Creating a long term earner that only builds your self confidence.
  • The A-Ha! Moment in making your own IP.
  • Cutting through the noise with a Black Friday Sale before Halloween.
  • Selling posters without even being there.
  • Performing, selling, and schmoozing.
  • Market Pricing your prints.
  • The pressure in doing it live to eight people or eight thousand people.
  • Making the Grand Canyon stand out.
  • Did DKNG stray too far from what they're known for?
  • Getting a cool million to not work.