MOT: Cassette 02 of 10 "The Key"

Did you do Cassette 1 first? Did you? Did you really? If you haven't then you should start HERE and if you already did then go on ahead to Cassette 2 found below!

MISSION OF TRUST: Cassette 02 of 10

In the second week it's time to get out all of those ideas floating around in the back of your brain just waiting to get out. Turn to the next page of your notebook, start another Google Doc, make a second note on your phone.... just make sure you can access this document wherever you are and that last week's content is also available. It's time to make a list of all the things you should be doing or that you can do with your career or your business. All of it. Vomit out onto this list every last idea you can think of without any concern for the "how" aspect just yet. Now that you know a little bit about who you are from week one its time to compile a list of what you should be doing with your time. Share your progress with us to become a part of the content and tell a friend to get them on board with the Mission Of Trust as it rolls out for the next ten weeks.

"I'm telling you this because it works for me and I want it to work for you."

Talking Points

  • Finding your style and staying unique to rise above the rest.

  • Be your own Andy Dufresne.

  • Brainstorm out what you should be doing and dream big.

  • Get loose to get free.

  • The next step to connect the dots.

  • Broad strokes over details.

  • Unlocking what you full potential could be.

  • Right everything down. Everything. Even the ones you think aren't realistic.

  • Finding that zen moment.